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Welcome To Mile High Travelers

Angel Eyes Inc. presents its first chapter of Mile High Travelers out of Douglasville GA. Founded by Star White
Mission: To influence, educate and empower young scholars who are interested in learning and exploring the world through domestic and international travel. To expand young minds in order to assist them in reaching their true potential by exposing them to different companies, cultures, foods, languages, etc.

Why: Using this exposure to allow scholars to develop career goals based on their experience and a respect /understanding for cultural differences. Each scholar will develop strong leadership skills as well as complete volunteer hours that enhance their opportunities.

Where: Travelers will meet 1-2x a month at different locations within their chapter area depending on the group mission for that month.

Who: This particular group is for scholars that are currently enrolled in 6,7,8 and 9th grade.

Funding: Each Scholar is responsible to bring $5.00 dues each meeting.
This group is operating as a Non -Profit Organization underneath the Angel Eyes Inc’s 501c3 and receives funding and donations from, community and international partners, donations, sponsors, fundraisers and grants

Group Activities include but are not limited to:

Domestic Traveling

International Traveling



Ski & Snowboarding trips

Cultural events/fairs

Elite dining experiences

Guest speakers

Foreign Language exposure

Career education

Leadership Training skills

Team building Skills

Positive Peer Interactions

Travel Scholar Questionnaire

Name/Age/Grade/Phone Number:

Favorite place traveled and Why:

Languages you can speak or interested in learning:

Favorite food:

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities or sports (list):

What would you like to learn or gain from participating in this organization?

"When you eliminate fear we evolve change that is necessary for our youth to grow." -Swhite