Currently, the members pay $5 in monthly dues to assist with providing all of the materials/examples/trips needed for them to learn more and more. Our goal one day is to also be able to donate a portion of these dues to charities that are similar to our goals; showing the teens how to give back as well. But of course to do this, we will have to increase our donations. Our objective this quarter is to focus on the funding for traveling. We hope that your organization can provide assistance with teaching this subject to the teens by giving a donation, as we increase awareness of your products/services to our current/potential members through high mention of you on our website, mailings, and community held meetings/volunteer events. Come share in our joy as we expand young willing minds around the world one city at a time. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you will be able to support us this year and many years to come!
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Travel Gear

Please send these donations to:

Mile High Travelers
12 Powder Springs
Suite 270

Marietta GA 30060

(404) 597-9910